Widgets & GUI toolkits (and more)

In their shadertoys, programmers have to handle everything, and redo everything from scratch every time. For repetitive basic utilitary features like GUI or font display it can thus be very boring, so that many just don’t embed any GUI and users have to tweak defines.
Fortunately, various community members have publish useful base elements that you can reuse !
( PS: coders, please do add the tag “gui” to your utilitary shaders: for now it gathers very little ! )

Bags of features:

  •   Super Shader GUI 98 : Windows98 inside !
    Windows (move, iconify, scroll), sliders, checkbox, color picker.


Isolated features:

Sliders & widgets :

color picker :

Mouse management:

Keyboard management:

Text & int/float numbers display:





  •   Mode 7 WASD Walkaround : basic ASWD move on 3D terrain.
    ( No longer compiling: replace vec2 BUFF_RES with #define ).
    Remark: coders, do account for non-Qwerty keyboards: replace or add arrows ! (codes 37-40)
  • Missing ! : Some easy-to-reuse code for 2D and/or 3D walk-through.
    –> Which shader would you advise ?

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