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Shadertoy is one of the online tool letting you play interactively with GLSL ES shaders (and browse other’s shaders). But soon, several issues will appear:

  • How to use Shadertoy features (are you sure to really know them ? 🙂 )→ see here.
  • GLSL is not C, GLSL ES is not GLSL. How to program, and how to program well, on this calculus model ? see here.
  • As a quite unmature technology, there are many compatibility pitfall 😦 . What are they; how to avoid them ? see here.
  • Shadertoy has some specificities. How  to exploit them at best ? see here.
  • Shadertoy is now WebGL 2.0. What’s new ?  →see here.

In this blog, we will explore some of these questions.

Disclaimer: I’m not related to the development team. I’m just a hard user of the tool 🙂