Key shortcuts

Did you know that ShaderToy GUI as well as it’s CodeMirror shader editor had many key-shortcuts ? Seems that most people ignore it (despite GUI ones pop-up as tool-tips… if you try).


  • Cmd = “microsoft” or “apple” key.
  • Ctrl  might be overridden by your browser.
  • Mac: replace Ctrl by Cmd, or sometime by Alt or Ctrl-Alt.

GUI key shortcuts

  • “Down”, “Cmd Down”:  resetTime
  • “Alt Up”, “Cmd Up”:       pauseTime

  • right menu:                   save or copy image
  • “Alt+r” :                          video record

  • “Ctrl S”, “Cmd S”:         Save shader
  • “Alt Enter”, “Cmd-Enter”: Compile shader
  • “F5” :                              refresh page ( indeed it’s a browser shortcut )

Editor key shortcuts

Editor GUI

“Alt F”:                                     Editor in FullScreen
“Alt Right”, “Cmd Right”:     Go to Right Tab
“Alt Left”, “Cmd Left”:          Go to Left Tab
“Alt -“, “Cmd -“:                     decrease FontSize
“Alt =”,” Cmd =”:                   increase FontSize

Basic obvious keys

Left, Right, Up, Down,      Home (of line), End (of line),      PageUp, PageDown
Delete, Backspace, Shift-Backspace,       Tab,       Enter,       Insert

extra key shortcuts

  • basic emacs shortcut

  • “Ctrl-S”: “save”,

  • “Ctrl-F”: find,    “Ctrl-G”: find Next,    “Shift-Ctrl-G”: find Prev,
    “Shift-Ctrl-F”:  replace,    “Shift-Ctrl-R”: replace All,

  • “Ctrl-Z”: undo,    “Shift-Ctrl-Z”,”Ctrl-Y”: redo,

  • “Ctrl-A”: select All,    “Ctrl-U”: undo Selection,    “Shift-Ctrl-U”,”Alt-U”: redo Selection, “Esc”: single Selection ( ? )

  • “Ctrl-Home”,”Ctrl-Up”: Doc Start, ”   Ctrl-End”,”Ctrl-Down”: Doc End,
    “Ctrl-Left”: Word Left,    “Ctrl-Right”: Word Right,
    “Alt-Left”: Line Start,      “Alt-Right”: LineEnd,

  • “Ctrl-D”: delete Line,
    “Ctrl-Backspace”: del Word Before,    “Ctrl-Delete”: del Word After,

  • “Ctrl-[“: indent Less,    “Ctrl-]”: indent More,  ( NB: not working for me )
    “Shift-Tab”: indent Auto (and replace tabs by spaces)


2 more for mac only:

  • “Cmd-Backspace”: del Wrapped Line Left (?), “Cmd-Delete”: del Wrapped Line Right (?)


5 thoughts on “Key shortcuts

  1. Hi Fabrice – I’m running Ubuntu 18.10 & find that the Alt-XXX keys only work when the focus is in the edit pane, not in the display pane, and don’t work in full screen mode – in particular, Alt Up to start/stop animation doesn’t work. Firefox and Chrome both show this behaviour. Any idea of a workaround?



    • Yes, each system trap some of the key modifiers. Note that each component can be responsible of some: your OS, your window manager, your browser, + interactions with your configurations of the WM (rules about focus and window topping…), and how fullscreen is managed is yet another varying surprise. Plugin can add to the mess, in the bad or in the good direction. For instance, this one add some actions (and many goodies):
      Anyway, some modifiers are proposed with variants, so try any of ALT, CTRL-SHIFT, etc, there might be another working.
      Otherwise, try the plugin, and/or try playing with your window manager options (note that nowadays you often have to install another package to really access the full range of controls).
      Good luck !


      • Thanks for the info – will have a look at the plugin. Have tried some variants eg. Cmd/Ctrl etc, will post if I find a suitable alternative. Ubuntu used to be quite bad at grabbing the Alt key but the new UI seems to be better (and I don’t recall Alt working at all,even in the editor window).


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