Key shortcuts

Did you know that ShaderToy GUI as well as it’s CodeMirror shader editor had many key-shortcuts ? Seems that most people ignore it (despite GUI ones pop-up as tool-tips… if you try).


  • Cmd = “microsoft” or “apple” key.
  • Ctrl  might be overridden by your browser.
  • Mac: replace Ctrl by Cmd, or sometime by Alt or Ctrl-Alt.

GUI key shortcuts

  • “Down”, “Cmd Down”:  resetTime
  • “Alt Up”, “Cmd Up”:       pauseTime

  • right menu:                   save or copy image
  • “Alt+r” :                          video record

  • “Ctrl S”, “Cmd S”:         Save shader
  • “Alt Enter”, “Cmd-Enter”: Compile shader
  • “F5” :                              refresh page ( indeed it’s a browser shortcut )

Editor key shortcuts

Editor GUI

“Alt F”:                                     Editor in FullScreen
“Alt Right”, “Cmd Right”:     Go to Right Tab
“Alt Left”, “Cmd Left”:          Go to Left Tab
“Alt -“, “Cmd -“:                     decrease FontSize
“Alt =”,” Cmd =”:                   increase FontSize

Basic obvious keys

Left, Right, Up, Down,      Home (of line), End (of line),      PageUp, PageDown
Delete, Backspace, Shift-Backspace,       Tab,       Enter,       Insert

extra key shortcuts

  • basic emacs shortcut

  • “Ctrl-S”: “save”,

  • “Ctrl-F”: find,    “Ctrl-G”: find Next,    “Shift-Ctrl-G”: find Prev,
    “Shift-Ctrl-F”:  replace,    “Shift-Ctrl-R”: replace All,

  • “Ctrl-Z”: undo,    “Shift-Ctrl-Z”,”Ctrl-Y”: redo,

  • “Ctrl-A”: select All,    “Ctrl-U”: undo Selection,    “Shift-Ctrl-U”,”Alt-U”: redo Selection, “Esc”: single Selection ( ? )

  • “Ctrl-Home”,”Ctrl-Up”: Doc Start, ”   Ctrl-End”,”Ctrl-Down”: Doc End,
    “Ctrl-Left”: Word Left,    “Ctrl-Right”: Word Right,
    “Alt-Left”: Line Start,      “Alt-Right”: LineEnd,

  • “Ctrl-D”: delete Line,
    “Ctrl-Backspace”: del Word Before,    “Ctrl-Delete”: del Word After,

  • “Ctrl-[“: indent Less,    “Ctrl-]”: indent More,  ( NB: not working for me )
    “Shift-Tab”: indent Auto (and replace tabs by spaces)


2 more for mac only:

  • “Cmd-Backspace”: del Wrapped Line Left (?), “Cmd-Delete”: del Wrapped Line Right (?)


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