Extending Shadertoy (& more)

Plugin “Shadertoy unofficial” (unrelated to this site 🙂 )

Features:   extend and fix what you dreamed of 🙂

  • Fork any shader.
  • Backup all your shaders, import or export shaders.
  • Adjustable slider for full control of ‘iTime’ uniform and audio/video inputs + loops.
    4 sliders simulating mouse position.
  • Make link clickable. Make key shortcut work even in fullscreen.
  • Speed-up button for simulation-based shaders.
  • Image preview (to compare what you see with what the coder saw).
  • List of your own recent visited shaders (life-changer for finding again private and unlisted shaders 🙂 ).
  • Change resolution in windowed and fullscreen mode by pressing keys 1…9.
  • Take screenshot width doubled resolution.
  • Pause/Restart in fullscreen mode.
  • Fullscreen edit mode.
  • and more

Scripts for TamperMonkey plugin (all browsers)

  • Andrei Drexler proposes several goodies (somes have then be included in Shadertoy).

Using custom textures (only on your local machine)

Pseudo-scripts (via URL, using bookmarks)

(… but you can still copy-paste them in the JS console via F12 . )

Theron Tarigo (aka TTG ) propose several goodies here ( + corresponding shadertoy ) :

  • Create a shader (+content) with a simple bookmarkable link ( e.g. your custom default shader )
  • Load them (or first, export) from a bookmarkable JS ( if enabled on your browser ).
  • Overwrite an existing shader.

Applications compatible with Shadertoy

  • Shadertoy iOS app.
  • libShadertoy (Ubuntu and Debian) : run shadertoys from your desktop app.
    Also a simple way to play with fragments shaders on desktop without all the burden (bindings…), with the Shadertoy convention for extra uniforms (mouse, time…).
    Can mix GLSL, CUDA, C++ passes.
  • ShadertoyConnector  (Ubuntu and Debian) : interface with Mathematica and Octave
    ( send parameters and arrays to your shader, get the resulting image as array).
    Also a simple way to interface GLSL shaders with Mathematica and Octave.
  • Accessing shadertoy database from your website or appli: web API.
  • Note that some programs are more or less shadertoy-compatible:
    Gratin, NatronKodeLife .
  • Grimoire (Linux, MaxOS, Windows): command-line tool for creating shader demos

Shadertoy cousins

  • glslsandbox     Goodies: clone, camera
  • shdr@bkcore  Goodies: vertex shaders, snippets, camera, 3D models, custom models
  • shaderfrog      Goodies: shaders + composer, vertex shaders, clone, uniforms, camera, 3D models, custom models
  • shader_editor@kickjs Goodies : vertex shaders, load texture, uniforms, 3D models
  • GLSLbin          Goodies: includes ( from many base stack.gl shaders )
  • vertexShaderArt    Goodies: tune vertex position and color at the same time.
  • Shaderoo         Goodies:  geometry shader, infinite amount of buffers, external textures, includes
  • ISF                     Goodies: vertex shaders, sliders, modules, textures, integrable

On desktop (quick shader prototypers):

  • KodeLife          Goodies: vertex, tesselators, geometry, fragments, custom model, Shadertoy compatibility mode
  • glslEditor


Note that Firefox and Chrome now allow direct editing (and more) of any online shader:

  • Activating the shader developer tool on Firefox
  • Equivalent plugin on Chrome


8 thoughts on “Extending Shadertoy (& more)

  1. Hadn’t heard of Grimoire. This may be a game-changer for me – simple running of shaders locally based on my own text editor. Thanks for this list !


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