Extending Shadertoy (& more)

Chrome plugin “Shadertoy unofficial (unrelated to this site 🙂 )


  • Adjustable slider for full control of ‘iGlobalTime’ uniform and audio/video inputs.
  • 4 sliders simulating mouse position
  • Shader previews on shaders list on “My profile” page
  • Change resolution in windowed and fullscreen mode by pressing keys 1…9.
  • Take screenshot width doubled resolution.
  • Pause/Restart in fullscreen mode.
  • Fullscreen edit mode.
  • Clone own shaders.


Using custom textures (only on your local machine)

Applications compatible with Shadertoy

Shadertoy cousins

  • glslsandbox     Goodies: clone, camera
  • shdr@bkcore  Goodies: vertex shaders, snippets, camera, 3D models, custom models
  • shaderfrog      Goodies: shaders + composer, vertex shaders, clone, uniforms, camera, 3D models, custom models
  • shader_editor@kickjs Goodies : vertex shaders, load texture, uniforms, 3D models
  • GLSLbin          Goodies: includes ( from many base stack.gl shaders )
  • vertexShaderArt    Goodies: tune vertex position and color at the same time.
  • Shaderoo         Goodies:  geometry shader, infinite amount of buffers, external textures, includes

On desktop (quick shader prototypers):

  • KodeLife   Goodies: vertex, tesselators, geometry, fragments, custom model, Shadertoy compatibility mode
  • glslEditor


Note that Firefox and Chrome now allow direct editing (and more) of any online shader:

  • Activating the shader developer tool on Firefox
  • Equivalent plugin on Chrome



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